vengeful hearts

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  • Name: vengeful hearts
  • Author: s lexi
  • Language: English
  • Genre:Historical Fantasy
  • Format: PDF


Blaise grew up in the Italian Mafia; his father was the don. He wanted nothing to do with his father’s empire, so when he turned eighteen, he walked away from his family, changed his name, and joined the military.

But when Blaise learned that his entire family was decimated, he returned to take back the city and destroy those responsible for murdering his innocent mother and sister.

Blaise and Erika’s paths cross when a deal goes wrong, and Blaise takes Erika captive. He quickly became fascinated with the stubborn, fierce, and hostile woman in his possession, even though she seemed dead set on killing him at every opportunity.

Erika became Blaise’s favorite obsession, and his need to dominate the strong-willed woman was overwhelming. Will Erika give in to Blaise’s domineering ways, or will she continue fighting him until the very end?


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