The Lost Book of Remedies

$ 4,99

  • Name: The Lost Book of Remedies
  • Authors: Claude Davis
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Herbals, Medical, Medicine
  • Format: PDF


The Lost Book of Remedies is the plant’s treatment, medicine, self-help and remedies book that shares the practical strategies to heal our body. Claude Davis and Nicole Apelian are the authors of this impressive book. This guide takes the reader step by step to eliminate the needs of medicine from our life. It is a perfect book for seasoned and beginner herbalists to embrace themself with edible uses, color photos, harvesting instructions, medicinal uses, covers identification, and medicinal index. This guide contains each and everything that you needed to master herbal field.
Find out the strategies to discover the disease and how to choose the right kind of cure for medicine. Why we need herbs when we already got the medicine in the market? What is the prose of using herbs? What are the cons of using herbs? How we differentiate the phenomena of trusting herbs as compared to medicine? How to give awareness to the people who trust us with their instincts. Claude did a brilliant job by introducing this impressive and informative book to all of us. This is the time to discover the effective natural herbs that grow in America.


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