The Four Agreements

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  • Name: The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book)
  • Authors: Don Miguel Ruiz
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Self Development
  • Format: PDF


The Four Agreements is the amazing self-development guide in which the author shares the four different principles to conquer the world. Don Miguel Ruiz is the author of this stunning book. This book already changes the thousands of lives and hits the ten million sales. The author took a promise of four agreements by the reader to improve his/her life. First is to “Be impeccable” with your words. You must choose your words wisely and do not turn back to your promises with others. Make yourself a reliable person and trustworthy for others. Do not take anything personally from anybody. Usually, most of us spend of days in the frustration that he hit me with these words.

Try to let go the things which are creating mental stress for you and avoid those people who make you feel guilty. Never make any assumption by yourself about anything. If you think negative then negativity will come to you. Positive thinking also helps us in making our live better. While assuming the negative thoughts we will never live a happier life. The last agreement is to do your best in 24 hours of your day. No matter, you are a student, teacher, professional and housewife always to produce maximum from yourself. This book will help you to get personal and financial success. There is no rocket science secret just the simple techniques to adopt in daily life. You can also Download But What If We’re Wrong by Chuck Klosterman PDF


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