Oh, the Places You’ll Go

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  • Name: Oh, the Places You’ll Go
  • Authors: Dr. Seuss
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Children, Humor
  • Format: PDF


Oh, the Places You’ll Go is the children’s humor and literature book which describe the story a little boy who is wondering in a town. Dr. Seuss is the author of this impressive book. Humans are the smartest creature in the universe and they know how to make their decision for a better life. They think before taking any decision and don’t trust everybody whom they interact. Sometimes things don’t work in a way that we always planned. While making your way towards a successful journey we end up in a slump and unpleasant times comes without telling.
Imagine yourself in a town where streets are not marked and not all the windows are lightened. The finding of the path in this situation is a difficult task but humans are the smartest creature and they will manage to find a way under difficult situation. Dr. Seuss plots the story of the most useless place which is known as The Waiting Place. This is a place which is just created to wait for the things which happen on their own. A boy is also set in the waiting place and waiting for the things to happen. The boy does not feel right about the surrounding and he makes his mind to be in the right place. Did the boy manage to find the right place or stuck there?


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