Motivation Skills and Life Skill Management

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Work, Time, Mind and Leadership Motivation and Building Relationship, Mindset and Resilience.



Motivation is required at every stage of life . It is not only encouragement but also the method to accomplish a task or achievements in life. This is probably the most critical skill set to grow and develop yourself. The life skills are also another important aspect which helps us to manage every situation in life and Excel


Overall in the course you will understand the following

1. Skill set with motivational aspects related to time management, task management, ownership and emotion management skill.

2. Essential life skills related to adaptability, resilience and mind set

3. Practical examples and summary from the world’s leading speakers or authors

4. This course is a combination of the concept described in more than 10 best seller motivational or life school management books

5. The best part of this even if you go for only one module or lesion that is independent in nature and will contribute to your growth

If you are an Entrepreneur, Management or Corporate professional, Unable to manage the work life balance, looking for more growth-oriented skills this course is an ideal companion for you.


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