Ego Is the Enemy

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  • Name: Ego Is the Enemy
  • Author: Ryan Holiday
  • Genre: Self-Development
  • Language: English
  • Format: PDF


Ego Is the Enemy puts forth the argument that often our biggest problems are not caused by external factors such as other people or circumstances. Instead, our problems stem from our own attitude, selfishness and self-absorption. In other words, introducing ego into a situation often prevents us from being rational, objective and clear headed.The book does not discuss Freud’s ego or egotism as a clinical term but rather ego in a colloquial sense, defined as “an unhealthy belief in your own importance. The book also discusses the difference between ego and confidence, and argues that the solution to the problem of ego is humility, self-awareness, purpose and realism. Ego Is the Enemy provides both cautionary tales as well as positive anecdotes about ego, citing numerous historical and contemporary figures including Christopher McCandless, George Marshall, John DeLorean, Larry Page, Paul Graham, Steve Jobs and William Tecumseh Sherman.


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