Coming Soon-How Remove Black Magic, Demons, Cord Cutting

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Many people have no idea when they’re under demonic possession or even if they have either a narcissist that they are living with or dealing with at work or online or elsewhere. It could be a spouse, or it be somebody that they are very close to who is more likely being an energy vampire. This can be a common human flaw for need of attention, but there are also people who practice doing this to other people.

Unless you know at least the basics of magic, which some practitioners go as far as to use The Magical Keys of Solomon, Satanic Rituals, Voodoo, Necromancy, Vampirism and other Black Magic, you may not be able to detect when something is wrong until it is too late. The good thing about Witchcraft and Spirituality is that you can immediately recognize when something is wrong, or if your energy is drained, or if you’re having a bad luck out of the blue.


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