Applied Behavioural Analysis

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Applied Behavioral Analysis(ABA)course. Step by step understanding and applications on ABA intervention.




· Learn how ABA can help in the development of your child with autism and related developmental disorders.

· See real life videos on how to execute ABA therapy for your child.

· Learn how to use ABA techniques to help in managing your child’s behaviors.

· Learn how to use effectively visual aids in ABA therapy.

· Learn how to build on communication and language skills in children using ABA techniques.

· Increase your confidence in the right way of using ABA therapy to work with your child.

· Learn and improvise how to create materials such as schedule and token economy to manage child’s behaviors and emotional regulations.

· Learn how to use ABA techniques to increase a child’s cognitive ability.

· Understand how ABA techniques can improve your child’s literacy and numeracy skills.

. Learn how to use ABA techniques to build compliance, taking receptive instructions and doing things on demand from parents and teachers in school.

· Benefit from the clear explanations and visual techniques of how to use ABA competently with your child.


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