30 Days Of Inspiration

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A Guide For Everyone.



Uncover and apply the life changing principles of lasting fulfillment and happiness as you learn from the true stories of men and women who have overcome incredible odds to live the life of their dreams.

Every day, along with the latest research on happiness and fulfillment, you will learn an inspiring story of someone who made the seemingly impossible become possible.

Their examples will help you draw on a different standard in your own life as you realize life is happening for you and not to you.

Some stories will seem miraculous, others will leave you emotionally charged and motivated. After two decades of teaching, I can promise you these are 30 of the most inspiring true stories you will ever learn.

Not only will you want to live up to a new standard after hearing their examples, you will want to share them with people you care about as well. Just like movies and music emotionally move us, the right story at the right time can change the entire direction of our life, leaving us charged to take the next step.

Be ready to boldly take the next step to transform your life and happiness as you learn that what can happen in someone else’s life can happen in yours. Change happens in the instant we refuse to settle for less any longer.


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